Every Community Needs a Healthy, High Performance School

The Association for Learning Environments and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Indoor Environments Division presented the first Healthy Schools Summit in San Diego in September 2008. Here is an abstract of the discussions at the summit.

Current State Policies

Tobie Bernstein, Senior Attorney at the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) provides an overview of current state policies and future opportunities in building healthy, high performance schools.

Environmental Quality of a High Performance School

Here’s a study of environmental quality, learning styles and crisis management.

Student-Centered Sustainable Design

Michael Hall, principal and chief marketing officer with Fanning Howey describes Student-Centered Sustainable Design, a valuable approach that increases student performance, improves teacher satisfaction and helps minimize operating costs. Educational Facility Planner; Vol. 42.4; Published by the Association for Learning Environments.

Green Squad

Learn how kids are taking action for greener, healthier schools as the Green Squad from the Natural Resources Defense Council takes it to where children learn:

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